We don't tell hospitals what they need.
We simply ask them.

Partners in spirit and partners in business.

What sets Silony apart? First, we aren’t just a run-of-the-mill company – we are not a stock-exchange-listed company or a group of investors, but a team of experts with a passion for bringing about change. Satisfied customers are more important to us than our quarterly results.

We see our company from the perspective of the hospitals and their staff. Therefore, we believe that comprehensive service is quite naturally a part of our products as well. And when we talk about better products, we mean far more than just our implants and instruments. Our goal is to individually coordinate all parts of our business with the medical, logistic and administrative procedures in each hospital.

Our ideas come from a team of experts. Straight from the operating room.

We develop all of our products hand in hand with experts in order to ensure they are as practical as possible. To do so, we cooperate closely with some of world's most renowned physicians, who not only contribute their requests and requirements but above all make valuable suggestions to help us create and improve our systems.

How easily can the instrument sets be dismantled, cleaned and sterilized? What type of packaging material is most suitable for recycling or reuse? How can purchasing, reordering and complaint procedures be optimized? How can we achieve maximum cost transparency and stability? Which services are welcome – and where is our intervention not required?

In order to find the right answers, we integrate all the hospital departments involved into our training events and workshops. Since our employees and partners have long-standing clinical experience, this allows us to work quickly to create a common agenda with our customers.

"Silony provides innovative approaches for optimizing the overall costs of procedures in the operating theater."

Due to the increasing pressure to reduce costs in the healthcare systems in general, many hospitals are faced with the challenge of creating ever more efficient procedures in the area of surgery. This is why we develop our products specifically with cost and time pressure in mind. 

An extensive assessment by the Institute for Health Economics Munich in November 2016 confirms that Silony products offer considerable potential for saving costs, time and resources in hospitals. 

Using the example of a hospital specialized in spinal surgery, a significant cost advantage was calculated for the VERTICALE system when compared with two competitors’ products. These savings were made up by a number of factors, including the needs-based supply and easy and practical handling of the Silony products which led to considerable cost reductions. Annual savings of over 200 working hours were calculated for processing and cleaning preparation, while maintenance and function testing work was reduced by even more than 270 hours over the same period. 

The study clearly shows that our approach of involving all the departments of a hospital in the development process clearly pays dividends for everyone.