ROCCIA ACIF: the reliable cage for the neck.

ROCCIA ACIF (Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion) was developed for the primary stabilization and restoration of physiological lordosis in the cervical spine and for anterior access. The implants are made of polyether ether ketone (PEEK), a high-performance plastic.

Preparing the fusion.

There is plenty of room in the generously proportioned ROCCIA ACIF chamber system for autologous or homologous bone and/or bone graft material for fusion.

For firm anchorage.

Teeth on the surface of the PEEK implant along with radiographic markers ensure good primary anchoring of the cage to the base and cover plates. At the same time, the cage has a broad supporting surface that largely prevents sinking when implanted correctly.

Keep control.

Pins anchored in the cage as radiographic markers facilitate imaging of the ACIF cage during insertion as well as for the postoperative follow-up examination. At the same time, the pins support the primary stability of the implant.

For individual treatment.

The extensive portfolio of implants in different shapes and sizes (5°, v-shaped and anatomical) help to provide customized care fitting to the patient's individual anatomy.