VERTICALE monoaxial screws:
the fixed point of the system.

The rigid connection between the screw neck and the threaded shaft gives the VERTICALE monoaxial screw the greatest possible stiffness. 

Reduction head. All screw variants are also available as long head screws (reduction screws).

Slim and flat head design. A very firm connection to the instrument allows easy insertion of the screw.

Firm connection. The continuous connection prevents movement between the head and the shaft as well as between the screw and the instrument.

4.95 mm screw neck diameter. Lends the screw the necessary robustness.

Quatro flanks. The proximal shaft section provides perfect anchorage of the bone in the pedicle.

Double-lead thread. The 5 mm thread pitch facilitates rapid insertion.

Cannulated and fenestrated shaft. All screw variants are available with a solid shaft design.

Self-tapping screw tip. The distal cut on the shaft provides good initial grip and and supports screw insertion.